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I feel deeply honored and very humbled to have received  beautiful testimonials from these radiant hearts. I always consider myself blessed to be a part of so many miraculous energy shifts, transitions and awakenings of the heart center.

"When Tracey greeted me at the door, I instantly felt at ease. Her kindness and ability to connect to your inner self was amazing. She provides a sense of calmness that lets you open up and receive the information she is providing. She was honest, kind and patient while providing me information to help heal what I felt was so broken. I left there feeling strong, confident and empowered."


"I have never seen a more accurate medium, she presents the information in a kind and loving environment in a loving and secure way. There is no doubt that she is the 'real deal' and knew details and things right away with very little guidance from me. She has helped me get clairity and provided insight to situations. I will continue to see her in the furture and I am thankful she was placed in my path."

A. W.

"Tracey is such a wonderful and loving person. I always feel so comfortable with her. She has opened up my eyes to so many things and helped me grow in so many ways. I am eternally thankful to have Tracey in my life. I am constantly recommending Tracey to all my friends and family. She is an earth angel! "

Rochelle H.

"Tracey gave me incredible (and very loving) insight, healing and guidance. I have a much greater understanding of the issues I am facing, and feel more empowered and less afraid of working through them. She truly has a gift and I am so very grateful for the experience."

Kasey S. 

"I was introduced to Tracey O'Mara a couple of years ago because my brother had a very special, unexpected encounter with her and I was so impressed at the things Tracey told him. I decided to set up my own session and since then my husband had had 2 sessions and so have I - so that should tell you volumes at how much we respect this woman's gifts and abilitites. She is truly a conduit to the Spirit World and our Guiding Angels. She shared things with us that only we would know about..Amazing!"

MaryAnne P.

"It takes a few months to get in with her but it's worth the wait. She was spot on with everything she told me. She gave me a lot of details not just generalizations. Love her!"

Barbie G.

"This has been the most amazing experience of my life. Tracey is truly an incredible, gifted spiritual healer. Her gentle communications make this an almost dreamlike experience. Don't miss this opportunity in this lifetime."

Louella S.

"I have been going to Tracey for more than 4 years and I am still amazed about the things she knows and the loved ones I get to speak to through her. I just can't say enough about Tracey and the incredible gift she was given. I felt so light leaving and re-centered. I absolutely adore her and look forward to seeing her each time."


"I have been seeing Tracey for spiritual enlightenment for about 5 years. She's amazing! She gently gives you some insight and clarity for issues that your struggling with, which follows love and a warm heart to always encourage!"

Michelle L. 

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